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Operating corporate systems

Everybody needs a good system operator.
However, can we provide him tasks continuously? Is it really necessary to pay him even for his unused time?

Or is it enough to look for a solution when the problem arises?

Computing services:

  • Network, hardware, software consulting
  • Planning and implementing network, hardware, software
  • Measuring and qualifying networks
  • Network guarding and maintenance
  • Selling, installing and servicing hardware
  • Selling Axelero services

Cost reducing computing solutions

From the corporate economics side it is a general requirement to optimalise the Internet usage at the offices and locations. With prompt reports and personal call accounts these costs can be reasonably reduced. The software we developed has fulfilled our hopes. We recommend it to all those who would like to get hold of the dropped Forints.

Would it improve your colleagues effectiveness if they knew
how much time and money they spend on the phone and the Internet?

Cost reducing products, services:

  • Status report, consulting, optimalising
  • IP telephone
  • Corporate Internet control programme
  • Internet access time control