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Dear Prospective Partner!

Let us introduce our company, the BellStar group.
Since its establishment in 1996, it has been owned by private individuals.
Our colleagues have been working on the wide field of weak-current technologies.
During our professional activity we have encountered the problem many times that our clients required services with complex solutions that did not belong closely to our speciality field. Out of this reason today we are able to use and provide any existing weak-current technology on the Hungarian market.

Fields of services:

  • telecommunication,
  • computing,
  • security techincs,
  • information technology.

Today BellStar is known as the "Technical Picasso" of the Hungarian market.
It has developed into a reliable company that provides complex serviceson the above mentioned fields.

As a result of years of professional experience, using quality materials and the hard work of our qualified experts there are hundreds of bigger and smaller networks operating properly all over the country. Our solutions alloy our partners' needs and our expertise to provide the most optimal result. Our past is characterised by flourishing contacts and mutual aims.

BellStar in corporate solutions
Contemporary companies usually require tailor made solutions that completely adapt to their working and organisational structure. Most of the enterprises are unable to provide their technologies in such a wide variety that satisfies the corporate requirements. Our experts, experience and contacts enable us to meet the highest standards and the most extreme desires.