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Security systems

Proximity card entrance systems

It provides a fast operating, effective protection so we recommend it when speed is of prominent importance regarding the safety of offices, warehouses or any other premises that we intend to keep protected from unauthorised persons. Moreover, it provides computer control that - according to our needs - can register different events and happenings.

You don't have to call the doorman all the time!

Premises protection

To improve our safety and calm we implement electronic property guarding devices that provide reliable safety even in our absence. Such devices are for example the in- or outdoor thermo-image movement sensors, the opening sensors, the fire alarm or an implemented alarm centre. The effectiveness of the alarm system can be further improved by developing an "umbilical cord" that sends a patrol to the location if it is necessary.

Are your tools in safe?

Video system

Some of our partners wanted to watch different locations at the same time. Our systems are perfectly reliable in observing objects, outer areas, offices, corridors, warehouses or any other premises at the same time. This way one or more cameras can display the events to one or more monitors. Recording the data to video servers we are able to track down the happenings on a particular date up to one year even from another corner of the world.

Can you see everything at your company?

Doorphone systems

We use audio and audio-video doorphones to watch, protect and control our remote gates and doors. All of these can be used at doors of apartments, offices, warehouses or any other premises to protect our property. The choice depends on quality, endurance and integrability.

How important can reliability, endurance and clear sound be for you?

Safety techniques services:

  • Property protecting systems
  • Fire alarm systems
  • Long distance guardianship service
  • Video systems
  • Proximity card entrance systems
  • Doorphone systems
  • Remote control systems